Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition by Rawan Can Help.

At Nutrition by Rawan, I will provide you with private, virtual nutrition counseling to meet your needs. We can talk about creating balanced meals, reading food labels, understanding FAD diets and nutrition myths, and living a healthy lifestyle.


Whether you want to eat healthier, manage an existing health condition, or simply spend less time in the kitchen, Nutrition by Rawan can help! 


...and more!

Weight Management


Metabolic Syndrome


Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition



Cholesterol Management


Diabetes Management


Digestive Diseases


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Helping You Get Healthier Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive, confusing, or time-consuming.

Are you trying to get healthy but don't know where to start? Have you spent a lot of money and time on a million diets that don't seem to work?


Do you feel overwhelmed at the thousands of "healthy" products at the grocery store? Are food labels just confusing?


Do you find yourself constantly ordering expensive and unhealthy takeout because you have no time to prepare healthy meals at home?