Meet Rawan

I'm Rawan Abdalla, founder of Nutrition by Rawan. I graduated from Rutgers University with bachelor's degrees in Biology and Dietetics. I then completed Cedar Crest College’s highly competitive, community-focused dietetic internship program and passed the RD exam to officially become a registered dietitian. I have had many different experiences working with individuals and populations in clinical, community, and food service settings, which has thoroughly prepared me for a variety of roles in the field of nutrition. However, my true passion is in nutrition counseling and consulting. I love helping busy adults discover healthy eating can be simple, convenient, and affordable. 


My Philosophy

Rather than focusing on avoiding specific foods, I want to help you explore eating many different foods to create a healthy balanced diet full of variety. I won't tell you to cut out any foods from your diet because I believe we should all eat the foods we enjoy. Some foods are better for our bodies than others, so those foods can be eaten more frequently.


You may hear conflicting information about "good" or "bad" foods and complicated diets that seem to change every day. However, good nutrition is actually quite simple. My goal is to help you discover that you can feed your body with satisfying, nutritious foods that you actually enjoy while also meeting your health and wellness goals. Whether you want to eat healthier, manage an existing health condition, or simply spend less time in the kitchen, I can help! 

Rawan Abdalla, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist